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Bsquare Foundation is an important milestone in a journey in humanitarianism, which began with the philanthropic work of PKD. Nambiar, founder of Bsquare Foundation.

Bsquare Foundation is an initiative towards the Corporate Social Responsibility; it is understanding that good citizenship is good business. Drawing inspiration from the founder, the Bsquare Foundation believes that philanthropy, a sacred social responsibility of all enterprise, is worthier when it encourages self-help and sets an example for the younger generations.

As a catalyst Bsquare Foundation is working towards bringing changes in the lives of millions of children, youth and women, who are not privileged, by addressing the real need at the grassroots level and also enabling ..


Free Healthcare Services

Free health camps for senior citizens were organized by the Foundation. This helped those elderly people who could not afford basic or routine checkups in their limited pension. Also a few more camps were ..

Women Empowerment

Women make up 60% of the workforce in rural India yet less than 1% occupy positions of power and responsibility allowing them to make a difference in their communities ..

Environmental Concern

Bsquare Foundation is an extremely environmental conscious charity. It has shown concern in areas like global warming and depleting natural resources. One of its initiatives includes Water Harvesting in: ..